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SmartSense® Phase Coupler


SmartSense® Phase Coupler

The intelligent fan control system creates an integrated residential exhaust ventilation system using Broan’s industry leading ventilation control technology and award winning QTXE fans. The Broan SmartSense system uses Broan’s Link-Logic™ control technology powered by INSTEON™, a powerful communication technology to monitor everyday manual fan usage throughout the home. Broan SmartSense calculates additional ventilation required by Green Building and ASHRAE Standard 62 related requirements and automatically controls installed fans to achieve proper ventilation. SSQTXE080 and SSQTXE110 fans can provide a single fan solution for small apartments or mix and matched for a customized, integrated ventilation system.

  • Required for LinkLogic® on opposite electrical power phases
  • Tuned for LinkLogic® (INSTEON™) signals - blocks other frequencies, like electrical noise
  • Bridges LinkLogic® signal to opposite electrical phases
  • Install near the breaker box to provide the most efficient coupling
  • Deep, single-gang electrical box recommended
  • Safety tested for use in USA and Canada (ETL #3017581)
  • For use with Broan SmartSense®, Broan Make-up Air Dampers (SMD Series) and select BEST® range hoods

NOTE: The SmartSense Phase Coupler is only required when fans are located on separate phases of power. If fans are on the same circuit or phase, the phase coupler is not necessary.