Fresh Air Systems for a Healthy Home

Fresh Air Systems = A healthy environment for you and your family. Improve the indoor air quality of your home with affordable BROAN Fresh Air Systems. BROAN is the leading balanced ventilation systems provider for residences.

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HE Series

The HE Series is the ideal whole-house ventilation solution for today’s energy efficient homes. These High Efficiency ventilators combine the best performance in energy recovery, electrical consumption and air filtration.

Models Type Min/max cont. airflow (CFM at 0.2 in. w.g.) Apparent sensible efficiency at 32°F Compare Customer Rating
ERV140TE ERV Energy Recovery Ventilator 40-157 73% Compare Products
HRV160TE HRV Heat Recovery Ventilator 53-177 83% Compare Products
ERV200TE ERV Energy Recovery Ventilator 50-226 88% Compare Products
HRV200TE HRV Heat Recovery Ventilator 50-245 85% Compare Products
ERV250TE ERV Energy Recovery Ventilator 50-259 80% Compare Products
HRV250TE HRV Heat Recovery Ventilator 50-271 81% Compare Products