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Built-in, wall mounted electric heaters are a more efficient choice for taking the chill out of individual rooms than whole house heating. This characteristic makes electric wall heaters ideal for heating small rooms for short periods of times such as bathrooms or dressing areas.

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BROAN 6201 Series

Why BROAN Big Heat®? Because this rugged, reliable heater works as hard as you do. Our portable, electric heater is the perfect solution to instant heat, with a full 1500 watts and a reliable, ceramic heating element to ensure fast warmup. It will keep you comfortable in nearly any situation—the garage, workshop or on the job. Rugged steel construction, automatic shut-off if tipped over on its front or back, and overheat protection mean that BROAN Big Heat is not only durable, but safe. No matter where you put it to work, it’s just what you need, right when you need it.

Models Watts and Amps at 120 Volts Heater Type Compare Customer Rating
6201 1200/1500 Watts and 10/12.5 Amps Portable Compare Products