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The leader in home ventilation, BROAN offers the broadest line of kitchen ventilation products in North America, providing choices, style, value and a name you can trust including ENERGY STAR® qualified ducted range hood models in several of the most popular styles. Each model includes energy efficient compact fluorescent lighting that provides bright cook top illumination and longer life than standard or halogen bulbs.

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The EVOLUTION 4 is the most powerful under-cabinet hood provided by BROAN, that’s why we classify it as a high performance range hood and not just your typical under-cabinet hood. It comes equipped with a precision balanced centrifugal blower that delivers unsurpassed quiet operation and power. On boost setting it moves up to 630 CFM and is ultra-quiet at less than 0.3 sones on working speed! The EVOLUTION 4 has a four-speed blower control to allow for superior power when needed and under all circumstances provides the ultimate in quiet and filtration.

Models Color/Finish Product Width (inches) CFM (Airflow) Compare Customer Rating
QP430SS Stainless Steel 30" 630 Compare Products
QP436SS Stainless Steel 36" 630 Compare Products
QP442SS Stainless Steel 42" 630 Compare Products


EVOLUTION 3 tops our line, with brilliant lighting features, plus greater blower control including a Boost mode that serious cooks will adore. Even at high power modes it is remarkably quiet. A sealed, advanced electronic touch panel with clock and timer provides all the control features you expect, and an optional handheld remote means control is always within reach.

Models Color/Finish Product Width (inches) CFM (Airflow) Compare Customer Rating
QP330SS Stainless Steel 30" 450 Compare Products
QP330BL Black 30" 450 Compare Products
QP330WW White 30" 450 Compare Products
QP336SS Stainless Steel 36" 450 Compare Products
QP336BL Black 36" 450 Compare Products
QP336WW White 36" 450 Compare Products
QP342SS Stainless Steel 42" 450 Compare Products
QP342BL Black 42" 450 Compare Products
QP342WW White 42" 450 Compare Products

BROAN Elite E661 Series

The clean, seamless design of this thinner than average range hood fits snugly under cabinets and provides quiet and effective ventilation performance. Subtle, multi-speed controls connect to centrifugal blowers while halogen lighting brilliantly accents its easy to clean stainless steel bottom containing dishwasher safe filters. The E661 high performance range hood beautifully combines high style and modern convenience to satisfy even the most discerning homeowner.

Models Color/Finish Product Width (inches) CFM (Airflow) Compare Customer Rating
E66130SS Stainless Steel 30" 600 Compare Products
E66130BL Black 30" 600 Compare Products
E66130WH White 30" 600 Compare Products
E66136SS Stainless Steel 36" 600 Compare Products
E66136BL Black 36" 600 Compare Products
E66136WH White 36" 600 Compare Products
E66142SS Stainless Steel 42" 600 Compare Products

BROAN Elite E64000 Series

True professional style and performance has never been easier to bring home. Selecting the right professional style range hood just became easier. BROAN introduces the E64000 range hoods, in 10" under-cabinet versions. These new models come with integrated internal blowers or dedicated external blower capability. Styling is fresh and modern, yet designed to easily complement popular pro-style cooking products. Both embody professional features such as powerful blowers, baffle filters, brilliant halogen lighting and variable speed controls. And while you won’t see this feature it is hard to miss the quiet operation—two Sones or less at normal speed. To carry the professional theme even further, select the optional stainless steel backsplash with adjustable shelving. When you want professional style and performance, trust BROAN to cover every detail.

Models Color/Finish Product Width (inches) CFM (Airflow) Compare Customer Rating
E6430SS Stainless Steel 30" 600 Compare Products
E64E30SS Stainless Steel 30" N/A Compare Products
E6436SS Stainless Steel 36" 600 Compare Products
E64E36SS Stainless Steel 36" N/A Compare Products
E6442SS Stainless Steel 42" 600 Compare Products
E64E42SS Stainless Steel 42" N/A Compare Products
E6448SS Stainless Steel 48" 600 Compare Products
E6448TSS Stainless Steel 48" 1200 Compare Products
E64E48SS Stainless Steel 48" N/A Compare Products


Designed to meet the performance needs of today's higher BTU conventional cooking appliances and consumers' desire for ENERGY STAR® Certified.

Models Color/Finish Product Width (inches) CFM (Airflow) Compare Customer Rating
APE130SS Stainless Steel 30" 440 Compare Products

BROAN AP1 Series

Presenting BROAN’s newest pro-style hoods. Never before have appearance and value come together so elegantly.

Models Color/Finish Product Width (inches) CFM (Airflow) Compare Customer Rating
AP130SS Stainless Steel 30" 440 Compare Products
AP130BL Black 30" 440 Compare Products
AP130WW White 30" 440 Compare Products
AP136SS Stainless Steel 36" 440 Compare Products
AP136BL Black 36" 440 Compare Products
AP136WW White 36" 440 Compare Products

BROAN Elite 15000 Series (Silhouette)

Slides out of sight when not in use.

Models Color/Finish Product Width (inches) CFM (Airflow) Compare Customer Rating
153004 Stainless Steel 30" 300 Compare Products
153023 Black 30" 300 Compare Products
153001 White 30" 300 Compare Products
153604 Stainless Steel 36" 300 Compare Products
153623 Black 36" 300 Compare Products
153601 White 36" 300 Compare Products


This sleek, 6” high 250 CFM design will bring a transitional style to fit today’s kitchens. Long life dual LED lighting has three levels, so you’ll always have the best and brightest lighting at the right time (Includes two 6W, 3000K bulbs)….you may never need to replace a bulb again. A 30-hour filter-clean indicator alerts you to when it’s time to clean the filter. The dishwasher safe aluminum filter features a quick release latch, so you can always keep the kitchen clean and fresh.

Models Color/Finish Product Width (inches) CFM (Airflow) Compare Customer Rating
CBX130SS Stainless Steel 30" 250 Compare Products