30% Federal Tax Credit

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Save 30% of Solar Power Attic Ventilator price and installation costs with a Federal Tax Credit!

BROAN Solar Powered Attic Ventilators use energy from the sun to operate and require no additional electricity. That means you can save up to $180 per year that you might pay to operate an electric powered attic ventilator, depending on your local electric rates, size of attic, climate, etc...

Also, you may be able to save even more with a 30% Federal Tax Credit on both the purchase price and the installation costs of your BROAN Solar Powered Attic Ventilator, as these models qualify for IRS Residential Energy Efficient Property Credit and meet the definition of a Qualified Solar Electric Property (Solar Panels - Photovoltaic Systems).

Section 25D of the Internal Revenue Code provides a 30% tax credit to individuals for "qualified solar electric property expenditures" made by the taxpayer during taxable years beginning after December 31, 2008. Qualified solar electric property expenditures are expenditures for property which uses solar energy to generate electricity for use in the taxpayer's residence. We cannot provide tax advice and you should consult your tax consultant about any changes in the law, your individual circumstances, and how to claim the credit.

See “Federal Tax Credits for Consumer Energy Efficiency” and / or IRS Form 5695 for more information.

Click here for the Certification by Broan-NuTone, LLC that lists the Solar Powered Attic Ventilator products that are eligible for the Residential Energy Efficient Property Tax Credit.

Click here to check out incentives in your area available to homeowners who buy Solar Powered products. DSIRE Solar provides comprehensive information on state, local, utility, and federal incentives and policies that promote solar energy. Check the Solar Electric box at the top of the DSIRE homepage to find incentives available to you on Solar Powered Attic Ventilators!