During winter your bathroom can feel like an ice box.

It’s bad enough the sun sleeps in during the colder months making early mornings that much harder to rise to. Add to it the thought of getting out of a shower into the brisk air and it’s enough to make anyone sink deeper under the covers. Well we can’t talk the sun into rising any earlier but we can take the chill out the bathroom air with one of our supplemental electric heaters. Whether it’s wall, ceiling or baseboard mounted, BROAN gives you one less reason to hit the snooze alarm.

BROAN Solutions

No need to raise the thermostat in the entire house, put spot heat where you need it and when you need it.

Why heat the entire house when all you want is a bit of warmth to fight the chill when exiting a hot shower? That’s what happens in many homes. Unfortunately by the time the house is warmed, you’ve long left the bathroom. Solution? Consider the benefits of installing instant, electric heat instead. Electric wall heaters are designed to give you instant heat where you want it – when you need it most. And when you’re done, simply turn off the heat – they cool down just as quickly so no energy is wasted. BROAN has inconspicuous models that resemble registers. Pair them with one of our wall controls or timers for the ultimate in heating convenience.