During winter your bathroom can feel like an ice box.

It’s bad enough the sun sleeps in during the colder months making early mornings that much harder to rise to. Add to it the thought of getting out of a shower into the brisk air and it’s enough to make anyone sink deeper under the covers. Well we can’t talk the sun into rising any earlier but we can take the chill out the bathroom air with one of our supplemental electric heaters. Whether it’s wall, ceiling or baseboard mounted, BROAN gives you one less reason to hit the snooze alarm.

BROAN Solutions

No worries! BROAN heaters are designed to work with timers or thermostats. Either solution offers you worry-free operation.

We’ve all experienced it; that nagging feeling that you forgot to turn off an appliance before leaving the house. Well you can scratch the bathroom heater off the list when you utilize a timer or thermostat to control your supplemental heat. BROAN offers line-voltage thermostats that let you set the temperature anywhere between 50° and 85°F and your heater will respond to the needs of the room. For a more short-term solution, a BROAN timers control the heat for up to 60 minutes.