You take design of your home seriously, so do we.

You plan your home décor down to every detail, and that includes matching your appliances. BROAN designed their line of trash compactors with you in mind. From appliance-matching finishes to custom panel inserts, you’re sure to find the style to complement your decor.

BROAN Solutions

Rather than try to match your trash compactor to your other appliances, make it disappear!

Typically, appliances get replaced on an “as needed” basis. Most of us replace them one at a time as they reach the end of their usefulness. This can lead to a patchwork quilt of door styles.

Broan understands and has designed trash compactors that let you customize the door with a wood panel to match your cabinets. And our recessed toe kick is designed to match perfectly with the toe kick in standard cabinetry. The result? A virtually invisible trash compactor blending in beautifully with the rest of your kitchen.