The fine details are exactly what make up the complete picture for your kitchen.

Aside from the basics–adequate ventilation, filtration and lighting, there are other important things to consider when selecting a range hood. If there is a particular issue with an old model that needs to be addressed, or an entirely new design concept, then paying attention to all the features is key to ensuring the best possible outcome.

BROAN Solutions

It’s very simple. If your cooking surface is over 60,000 BTU, you need a range hood that can handle the heat.

The heat generated by a cooking surface can be greater than that of some furnaces that heat an entire home. Such ranges offer the potential for creating great meals, but at the same time, produce considerable smoke. The only way to handle that volume of heat and smoke is with a high performance range hood. BROAN offers several models that have the high CFM capacity and capture area to handle this requirement. The standard rule for cooking surfaces over 60,000 BTU is for every 10,000 BTU you need 100 CFM. The width of the hood should be a minimum of the same width as the cooking surface and the depth of the hood should be enough to cover half of the front burners.