You value your cabinet space, but you want a trash compactor – we’ve got you covered.

The view is spectacular but not if you have to look at bags of trash waiting to be carried down to a dumpster or disposal chute. A trash compactor can virtually eliminate the need to empty the trash more than once a week so your view is what it should be – and why you chose the lifestyle.

BROAN Solutions

Odor control does not have to be an issue.

The smaller kitchens found in high rise living require a way to manage trash, but odor control is just as large a concern. Fortunately, trash compactors have come a long way.

By integrating a unique formula in a wax base, BROAN was able to deliver an odor neutralizer that would last up to 6 full months. The system utilizes 6 individual segments, each sealed to stay fresh until needed. BROAN’s unique odor control system exposes one odor-control segment per month, providing a full 30 days of continuous odor protection. At the end of 30 days the disc is rotated to expose a new segment.