Range Hoods are easily identified by the type or category that they fall into.

There are eight common ways a range hood can be categorized for the type of situation it applies to. Once your type of range hood has been established, you can quickly identify the model to fulfill your needs.

BROAN Solutions

The Downdraft Ventilation Model. A brilliant idea and the perfect ventilation solution, built to fit neatly into your counter top.

Sometimes a range hood mounted over the cooking surface just isn’t possible. This is precisely why BROAN offers a full line of Downdraft ventilation options. They employ a universal design that allows them to be used in conjunction with nearly any cook top by simply installing behind the cooking surface. Especially popular in island and peninsula applications, they feature an air box that is installed below the counter at the rear of the cabinet space. And thanks to a smart, space-saving design, more valuable cabinet space is available for storage. Enjoy 7” or 9.5” models that accommodate large stock pots and pans. For added performance and quiet operation, BROAN provides excellent external blower options.