Range Hoods are easily identified by the type or category that they fall into.

There are eight common ways a range hood can be categorized for the type of situation it applies to. Once your type of range hood has been established, you can quickly identify the model to fulfill your needs.

BROAN Solutions

An Island or peninsula cook top creates a very freeing workspace, ideal for entertaining. BROAN-Elite European style island hoods are the perfect match.

The BROAN Elite line of European style island hoods provide you with a selection of the most popular designs available. All the models are designed to easily mount to the wall and come with the classic, telescopic chimney flue to allow a perfect fit for 8 & 9 ft ceiling applications. If you have a 10 ft ceiling, it’s no problem. BROAN offers accessory extensions. And with the various blower options, you can find a solution even if your application requires higher CFM for high BTU cooking appliances. In cases in which ducting to the outdoors is not possible, many of the models offer an air recirculation option that use grease & charcoal filters to remove cooking grease and odors.