Take out the garbage less often

A BROAN trash compactor eliminates the need for frequent bag removal. To put it simply, it reduces the amount of your trash from a lot to a little. In fact, a top-performing model like the BROAN Elite reduces waste by six times. That means taking out the trash 1 time versus 6.

BROAN Solutions

BROAN trash compactors are as smart as they are strong.

BROAN Elite XE series compactors have a brain – ok so maybe it’s more like a control panel but all you need to know is that you can program the compactor to run every day when it’s most convenient for you.  Say, 1:00AM and the powerful ram will compress the trash, holding it for up to 2 hours to ensure it retains its new shape.

When you start your day, your compactor is ready to accept whatever you throw at it–and you didn’t have to do a thing.