Take out the garbage less often

A BROAN trash compactor eliminates the need for frequent bag removal. To put it simply, it reduces the amount of your trash from a lot to a little. In fact, a top-performing model like the BROAN Elite reduces waste by six times. That means taking out the trash 1 time versus 6.

BROAN Solutions

Odor and trash compactors no longer go hand-in-hand.

Sad to say, many people are afraid to try a trash compactor because they’ve heard they can develop strong odors. Charcoal filters and air fresheners can only do so much to mask the odors that can develop from aging food scraps–especially when you use it a lot. By integrating a unique formula in a wax base, we were able to deliver an odor neutralizer that would last up to a full 6 months! How could we do this? By creating 6 individual segments, each sealed to stay fresh until needed.

BROAN’s unique odor control system exposes one odor-control segment per month, providing a full 30 days of continuous odor protection. At the end of 30 days the disc is rotated to expose a new segment.