Heat that’s ready when you’re ready… even if that’s miles from home.

RV’s, Boats, campers and tents. If you’re an outdoorsy person you’ve probably experienced the misery of a cold night. It’s times like these where even the warmest sleeping bag doesn’t seem to provide enough comfort. Solution? BROAN Big Heat portable space heater. With rugged steel construction, and integrated carrying handle it’s just as comfortable on the go as you are.

BROAN Solutions

Your taste for adventure should not include an overheated portable heater.

BROAN portable heaters are designed with safeguards to ensure overheat is never an issue. With an instant, automatic safety shut-off if the heater is ever tipped over, to overheat protection that shuts off the heater and activates the “caution” light if excess heat is ever detected. BROAN portable heaters keep you comfortable and let you get on with what’s really important.