A small kitchen doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the benefits of trash compaction

Typically, appliances get replaced on an “as needed” basis. And where do you go with the bags once you remove them from the waste bin? A trash compactor can virtually eliminate the need to empty the trash more than once a week and reduces the need to pile up trash bags while you wait for trash day.

BROAN Solutions

Rather than try to match your trash compactor to your other appliances, make it disappear!

Typically, appliances get replaced on an “as needed” basis, and they don't all need replacing at once. BROAN offers trash compactors designed to let you customize the door to match your cabinets. And our recessed toe kick is designed to match perfectly with the toe kick in standard cabinetry.

The result is a streamlined trash compactor blending in beautifully with the rest of your kitchen.