A small kitchen doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the benefits of trash compaction

Typically, appliances get replaced on an “as needed” basis. And where do you go with the bags once you remove them from the waste bin? A trash compactor can virtually eliminate the need to empty the trash more than once a week and reduces the need to pile up trash bags while you wait for trash day.

BROAN Solutions

Cabinet space at a premium?

BROAN trash compactors are designed to be installed under your countertop to blend in with your cabinets and will easily replace a 15” wide cabinet. But sometimes giving up that precious cabinet space is simply not the answer.

If you can find a spot in the garage, laundry room, mud room or den, our trash compactors quickly turn into a free-standing appliance without the need for installation. Simply add the stabilizing base, plug them into an outlet and they’re ready to go to work for you. We even offer an optional hardwood cutting board to cap it off to increase your surface work space.