Work or play, rugged, reliable portable heaters mean comfort and convenience.

The home office, workshop, garage, basement or addition – whatever it is you call that place you get your special projects done. It’s the place you can get lost in for hours and feel like you’ve been gone for minutes - that is unless the temperature in the room is too cold for comfort. When you’re cold those hours can feel like days. And you can’t put the finishing touch on a hand-made rocking chair or add detail to a painting if your hands are gloved and your body is shivering.

BROAN Solutions

Our rugged, reliable portable heater works as hard as you do.

Whether working on a hobby, or a professional working your trade, BROAN’s portable space heater lets you work in comfort. In areas such as garages, basements, unheated work-areas or even outdoors, no matter the weather BROAN’s Big Heat will take the chill out of the air. And because space heaters are unvented devices specifically designed to add heat to a small, unheated space or chilly spot rather than an entire room, you don’t waste money heating an entire building if you only need the heat in one room.