Work or play, rugged, reliable portable heaters mean comfort and convenience.

The home office, workshop, garage, basement or addition – whatever it is you call that place you get your special projects done. It’s the place you can get lost in for hours and feel like you’ve been gone for minutes - that is unless the temperature in the room is too cold for comfort. When you’re cold those hours can feel like days. And you can’t put the finishing touch on a hand-made rocking chair or add detail to a painting if your hands are gloved and your body is shivering.

BROAN Solutions

You work hard, your BROAN heater not only keeps up with you but is tough enough to handle the punishment of a workshop.

BROAN portable heaters are designed with the toughest environments in mind. Rugged steel construction and a durable finish means it won’t flinch when you knock it over moving that 2x4, while rounded bumpers mean you won’t mar the table you worked so hard to finish.