Work or play, rugged, reliable portable heaters mean comfort and convenience.

The home office, workshop, garage, basement or addition – whatever it is you call that place you get your special projects done. It’s the place you can get lost in for hours and feel like you’ve been gone for minutes - that is unless the temperature in the room is too cold for comfort. When you’re cold those hours can feel like days. And you can’t put the finishing touch on a hand-made rocking chair or add detail to a painting if your hands are gloved and your body is shivering.

BROAN Solutions

Let’s face it, when we work hard our focus should be on the project not worrying about problems from a blocked heater.

BROAN portable heaters are designed with safeguards to ensure overheat is never an issue. With an instant, automatic safety shut-off if the heater is ever tipped over to overheat protection that shuts off the heater and activates the “caution” light if excess heat is ever detected. BROAN portable heaters keep you comfortable and let you get on with what’s really important.