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BROAN Heaters.  Put the comfort you want right where it’s needed.

Built-in, wall mounted electric heaters are a more efficient choice for taking the chill out of individual rooms than whole house heating. This characteristic makes electric wall heaters ideal for heating small rooms for short periods of times such as bathrooms or dressing areas.


Even the most efficient central heating systems send heat up the chimney.  But BROAN wall heaters deliver every bit of energy back into your home. There’s no external venting, so the electricity you convert to heat is delivered directly where you want it.  Nearly every place in the world has the infrastructure to deliver electricity. Therefore, heat can be provided at no additional cost or investment in infrastructure. This makes it a very easy choice for room additions.  Electric wall heaters are a quick and easy way to warm a chilly room. A wall heater can also help you save on your energy bills since using an electric heater occasionally during mild fall and spring days might let you skip turning on your central heat, while allowing you to keep the central heat at a lower setting during the winter.


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