Broan Trash Compactors

Six bags reduced to one. Five less trips to the garage.

No one really talks about it.  The waste can under the kitchen sink.  It’s a necessary evil, or so they say. But that all changes with a BROAN Elite Trash Compactor. BROAN has been designing and producing these convenience appliances for nearly 40 years, refining the product while defining the category. And the result?   A line of products that is the perfect complement to today’s high-style appliances, and environmentally-conscious homeowners.

Trash Compactors

BROAN Elite XE and BROAN Elite trash compactors take convenience, hygiene and style to a new level.  But beautiful lines, rich finishes and automatic cycling features are just part of the story.  Inside is a clean compartment, a crushing mechanism with 3,000 pounds of continual force, electronic controls, and odor reduction systems.  But what you take outside is what really makes a difference.  BROAN helps reduce your waste volume by 75%, and while that’s fewer steps to the garage, it’s also less volume at the curb, and a smaller bundle in the truck that hauls it away.  And that’s when it all makes sense:  If everybody reduced volume, fewer trips would be needed to the landfill, which means less fuel, less traffic, and a cleaner environment all the way around.  Who would have thought it all started under the kitchen sink?



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