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ZB80MLULTRA GREEN™ Series Motion Sensing 80 CFM Multi-Speed Ventilation Fan/Light, with white grille, Recognized as the Most Efficient of ENERGY STAR® 2014

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    To learn more about this revolutionary new product and how you can install it up to 60% faster in retrofits and up to 20% faster in new construction, CLICK HERE.

    BROAN ULTRA™ Motion Sensing Fans deliver everything you wished for in a bath fan – premium ventilation to help reduce airborne pollutants, ease of installation, energy efficiency, consistent power, extremely quiet operation and multi-speed capability. Best of all, they have the ability to know when they should be in the “normal” continuous ventilation mode and when they should kick up to the high speed mode to evacuate shower humidity or odors.

    • 80 CFM quickly reduces humidity to prevent or eliminate fogged mirrors and manage moisture in bathrooms up to 70 square feet, so your vision will always be clear and your surroundings will always be comfortable
    • ULTRASense™ M, Motion Sensing Technology, offers a hands-free solution for maximum convenience. The fan will increase to maximum speed from the lower, continuous setting when motion is detected -- which is ideal for family members who forget to turn the fan on -- and will stay on the max setting for the user-set 5-60 minute period after no motion is detected, before falling back to the continuous setting
    • Multi-Speed operation handles demanding spot ventilation needs, but can also pull double-duty as a great continuous ventilation solution to meet today’s stringent requirements. Upon installation, a continuous CFM adjustment dial is set to precisely control the airflow for the size of your house – so you’ll enjoy a successful inspection and not over-ventilate. A timer dial (adjustable from 5-60 minutes) is set at the same time to control how long the fan runs at maximum CFM, before automatically returning to the lower continuous ventilation level – all after you leave the room
    • ULTRALucent™ Lighting Technology provides 36 watt lights (two 18-watt bulbs included) delivering the brightness (measured in lumens) of models previously requiring 60 watts of CFL output – You get the best of both worlds; clear, even lighting with no hot spots and smaller energy bills
    • ULTRASilent™ with QStream™ Sound Technology results in operation at less than 0.3 Sones – the quietest sound rating attainable -- for an environment that is so quiet, you’ll likely forget the fan is on
    • ULTRAQuick™ Installation Technology uses an exclusive telescoping mounting frame with pre-installed screws, snap-in housing, snap-in blower and an inside-out mounting duct connector making installation up to 60% faster in retrofits and up to 20% faster in new construction, saving you time, money and aggravation
    • Retrofit installations can be done entirely from the room-side – no attic access required. This means a faster, easier installation, so you can move on to something else
    • Unique telescoping mounting frame can be placed and fastened through drywall hole because it expands from 14” to 24” and fits any type of joist, I-Joist or truss construction for a “no guesswork” installation to make the work fast and easy
    • Snap-in housing and blower further simplify installation since you can hear – and feel – when they are properly seated. Easy-to-position carriage allows housing location adjustment between joists so you can control the correct ceiling placement
    • ULTRASmart™ DC Motor & Control Technology provides energy efficiency almost 10 times greater than ENERGY STAR® requirements and maintains rated power (CFM) in nearly every installation. You have confidence you’re getting the expected performance and won’t even notice the fan usage on your utility bill
    • UL Listed for use over tubs and s
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    • Whole House Mechanical Ventilation (WHMV) Specifier

      Code compliant solutions for one and two family dwellings and townhouses up to three stories

      To better serve you in determining your customers’ whole house mechanical ventilation (otherwise known as continuous ventilation) needs, Broan-NuTone has developed this on-line tool.  With our CodeKey Specifier you can be confident that the products choose will meet the latest codes and regulations.  Use this tool to make your specification job easier.

      Let’s get started by selecting the state where the dwelling unit will be located. CLICK HERE

    • Baths up to () Sq Ft75
      Ceiling InstallationYes
      CFM @ 0.10"80
      CFM @ 0.125"N/A
      CFM @ 0.25"80
      cUL ListedYes
      Duct DirectionHorizontal
      Duct Size6" or 4"
      ENERGY STAR® Most Efficient 2014Yes
      ENERGY STAR® qualifiedYes
      Globe Glass ColorN/A
      Grille FinishWhite Polymeric
      Grille Length13-1/8"
      Grille Width14"
      Heater wattageN/A
      Housing Dimensions L x W x H10-1/2" x 11-3/8" x 7-5/8"
      Housing Height7-5/8"
      Housing Length10-1/2"
      Housing Width11-3/8"
      Humidity SensingNo
      HVI CertifiedYes
      Light Bulb Quantity2
      Light Bulb Wattage18
      Light Bulbs IncludedYes
      Lighting TypeFluorescent
      Minimum construction space required2x8
      Motion SensorYes
      Motor engineered for continuous operationYes
      Product Weight13.6 lbs
      Project PackNo
      Rated Amps0.9
      Rated Sones - VerticalN/A
      Rated Watts6.6
      Sones<0.3 w/6" Duct
      Sones 6" to 4" reducer0.3
      UL Listed for use over bathtubs or showers when connected to a GFCI circuitYes
      Wall InstallationNo
      Warranty3 Years
      Watts @ 0.1"N/A
      Watts @ 0.1" (Max CFM)6.6
      Watts @ 0.25"N/A