BROAN Heaters.  Put the comfort you want right where it’s needed.

Built-in, wall mounted electric heaters are a more efficient choice for taking the chill out of individual rooms than whole house heating. This characteristic makes electric wall heaters ideal for heating small rooms for short periods of times such as bathrooms or dressing areas.


BROAN 170, 174 and 178 Series

Heat that’s ready when you’re ready. These versatile heaters are factory wired at 500W, 750W, 1000W, 1500W or 2000W, and can be easily converted to other wattages and voltages. Count on BROAN Comfort-Flo Heaters to deliver precisely what you need for your home.

Models Watts and Amps at 208 Volts Heater Type Compare Customer Rating
170 750 Watts and 3.61 Amps Fan-Forced Wall Compare Products
174 1125 Watts and 5.41 Amps Fan-Forced Wall Compare Products
178 1500/750 Watts and 7.23.6 Amps Fan-Forced Wall Compare Products