“Push the heat out.  Pull a fresh breeze through.”

Attic ventilation is essential in making any home more comfortable
while lowering energy costs.


Solar Powered Attic Ventilators

BROAN Solar Powered Attic Ventilators use energy from the sun to operate and require no additional electricity, which means you save up to $180 per year that you might pay to operate an electric powered attic ventilator, depending on your local electric rates, size of attic, climate, etc... Plus, you can save even more with a 30% Federal Tax Credit on both the purchase price and installation costs of your Solar Powered Attic Ventilaton. Because BROAN Solar Powered Attic Ventilators operate without fuel, waste, or pollution, they earn points towards Green building. So you can save money on electricity without using any to do it, which is green for the environment, and puts some extra green in your wallet.

Models Dome Color CFM Installation Type Compare Customer Rating
345SOBK Black 537 Surface/Flush Compare Products
345SOWW Weathered Wood 537 Surface/Flush Compare Products
345CSOBK Black 537 Surface/Curb Compare Products
345CSOWW Weathered Wood 537 Surface/Curb Compare Products
345RSOBK Black 537 Surface/Remote Compare Products
345RSOWW Weathered Wood 537 Surface/Remote Compare Products
345GOBK Black 537 Gable/Remote Compare Products
345GOWW Weathered Wood 537 Gable/Remote Compare Products