Ventilation for you the music fan

Brilliant audio performance concealed behind your fan grille.

It's your music-out of sight. Unlike wireless speakers that require counter space, Sensonic™ speakers with Bluetooth® wireless technology fill your room with rich sound from above. From hard rock to news talk, play any audio through the dual high-fidelity speakers and enjoy entertainment and privacy at the touch of a button.

Enjoy entertainment and privacy at the touch of a button

  • Dual High-Fidelity Sensonic™ Speakers
  • Bluetooth® wireless technology
  • Brilliant audio performance concealed behind your fan grille
  • Play any audio through most Bluetooth®-enabled devices

Quiet, powerful QT ventilation fan

  • Effective, extremely quiet ventilation clears humidity and odors quickly
  • ENERGY STAR® qualified
  • Motor engineered for continuous operation
  • UL Listed for use over bathtub or shower when installed with a GFCI protected branch circuit
  • Type IC for use in direct contact with thermal insulation
  • Fits 2"x 8" ceiling construction
  • Includes unique spacer for easy I-joist mounting
  • Mounts between joists with optional QTHB1 Hanger Bar Kit (sold separately)


Model: Description: CFM: Sones: Duct:
SPK110 Fan with Speaker 110 1.0 4"
SPKACC Speaker Accessory

Speaker also available as an accessory (Model SPKACC)
Quickly and easily add a high-fidelity Sensonic™ speaker to most Broan or NuTone QT Series Ventilation Fans

SensonicSensonic Dimensions

Speaker Module Will Fit All Of These Broan Models:

Model: Description:
QT80E Fan
QT80L Fan/Light/Nightlight
QT90E Fan
QT90L Fan/Light/Nightlight
QT110E Fan
QTR050F Fan
QTR080 Fan
QTR080F Fan
QTR080L Fan/Light/Nightlight
Model: Description:
QTR110 Fan
QTR110F Fan
QTR110L Fan/Light/Nightlight
QT110LE Fan/Light/Nightlight
QTR140 Fan
QTR140L Fan/Light/Nightlight
QTRE080F Fan
QTRE080FLFT Fan/Light/Nightlight
QTRE080 Fan
QTRE080FLT Fan/Light/Nightlight
QTRE080R Fan/Light
Model: Description:
QTRE110F Fan
QTRE110FLFT Fan/Light/Nightlight
QTRE110 Fan
QTRE110FLT Fan/Light/Nightlight
QTXE050 Fan
QTXE080 Fan
QTXE080FLT Fan/Light/Nightlight
QTXE110 Fan
QTXE110FLT Fan/Light/Nightlight
QTXR000HF Housing
QTXR000HL Housing

Speaker Module Will Fit These Broan Models Manufactured Before October, 2015*:

Model: Description:
QT130E Fan
QT130LE Fan/Light/Nightlight
QT140LE Fan/Light/Nightlight
QT140E Fan
Model: Description:
QTXE150 Fan
QTXE150FLT Fan/Light/Nightlight

Speaker Module Will Fit All Of These NuTone Models:

Model: Description:
QTN110E Fan
QTN110LE Fan/Light/Nightlight
QTN80E Fan
QTN80L Fan/Light
QTREN080 Fan
QTREN080FLFT Fan/Light/Nightlight
QTREN080FLT Fan/Light/Nightlight
Model: Description:
QTREN110 Fan
QTREN110FLFT Fan/Light/Nightlight
QTREN110FLT Fan/Light/Nightlight
QTRN050 Fan
QTRN050F Fan
QTRN080 Fan
QTRN080F Fan
QTRN080L Fan/Light/Nightlight
QTRN110 Fan
QTRN110F Fan
QTRN110L Fan/Light/Nightlight
Model: Description:
QTXEN050 Fan
QTXEN080 Fan
QTXEN080FLT Fan/Light/Nightlight
QTXEN110 Fan
QTXEN110FLT Fan/Light/Nightlight
QTXRN000HF Housing
QTXRN000HL Housing

Speaker Module Will Fit These NuTone Models Manufactured Before October, 2015*:

Model: Description:
QTN130E Fan
QTN130LE Fan/Light/Nightlight
QTN130LE1 Fan/Light/Nightlight
Model: Description:
QTXEN150 Fan
QTXEN150FLT Fan/Light/Nightlight
* If unsure of manufacture date, check to see if inside of fan housing includes a metal motor bracket like one of the two shown in installation instructions.  If it does, speaker module will work.  If the motor is surrounded by a round, black plastic housing/casing, then the speaker module will not work.

Sell Sheet

Speaker Fan Specification Sheet

Speaker Fan Installation Guide

Accessory Speaker Specification Sheet

Accessory Speaker Installation Guide

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