Installation Research Data

Broan-NuTone ULTRA GREEN™ Series Installation Research

Broan-NuTone conducted a blind test of its new ULTRA Green™ Series Ventilation Fans featuring ULTRA Quick™ Installation Technology to determine how much more quickly contractors could install it compared to an equivalent competitive unit in both new construction and room-side retrofit scenarios. The results showed that the Broan-NuTone ULTRA Quick™ system is up to 60% faster to install in retrofit installations and up to 20% faster to install in new construction.

The research was conducted as follows:

  • 10 (ten) one-on-one interviews were conducted with electricians and HVAC contractors in June of 2011.
  • Sessions included installations in both new construction (24” on center members) and room-side retrofit scenarios (16” on center). In room-side retrofit installations, all work needed to be done from a ladder through the drywall hole. No attic (top-side) access was allowed.
  • Both the new and retrofit installation/demonstration displays were set at 8’ ceiling heights with both house wiring and ducting pre-attached to top of joists/trusses.
  • Installations involved Broan-NuTone’s new ULTRA Green product and one of the competitor’s premium products.
  • Each of the four installations (Broan-NuTone new construction, Broan-NuTone retrofit, competitor new construction and competitor retrofit) were conducted twice by each contractor. The first installation was for practice in order for the contractor to familiarize themselves with the product and the process and ensure they understood all of the steps involved. The second installation in each scenario was then timed.
  • The order of the fans tested was rotated to eliminate any order bias.
  • For consistency, the same ducting size (6”) was used in each scenario.
  • Installations were required to be supported on at least two sides (i.e., one could not fasten the housing to one joist or truss and leave the opposite side unsupported).
  • Steps Included
    • Mounting housing and any duct connector systems
    • Cutting any wood pieces deemed necessary by contractor (long lengths of 2x4, a circular saw and two saw horses were provided)
    • Attaching duct
    • Attaching wiring
    • Mounting blower/motor/scroll components into housing and plug in
    • Attaching grille (retrofit)
  • Steps Not Included (because they would be the same for all installations or may not always be necessary)
    • Ladder set up
    • Removal of contents from box
    • Removal of old housing (retrofit)
    • Cutting drywall hole larger (retrofit)
    • Wiring of wall control
    • Extension of wiring or ductwork if required in retrofit
    • Retrieving/securing appropriate piece of wood and tools/equipment to cut it as required. For those who installed the competitive model in the retrofit scenario using such an extra wood piece, we asked them how long it would typically take for this step, averaged them and added this figure into their times.
  • Contractors used their own tools
    • Cordless drill/screwdriver
    • Standard screwdrivers (hand-tools)
  • The following items were supplied
    • Drywall screws
    • Wire nuts
    • Ladder